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Lives of Young Koreans in Japan
by Yasunori Fukuoka
xlives youg koreans.TIF (115524 bytes)
In this highly important study, leading sociologist Yasunori Fukuoka examines the life experiences and identity formation of young third-generation Korean migrants in Japan, using the results of 150 in-depth interviews. His study shows that these young people are distinctively different both from mainland Koreans and from majority Japanese. Lives of Young Koreans in Japan depicts their struggles to avoid and resist Japanese racism, the deep wounds and inner conflicts that result from those struggles, and the complex ethnic identity that emerges in the process.

Published by Trans Pacific Press
Published 2000, 330 pp.
ISBN 1 876843 00 4, hardback, 43.50
ISBN 0 646391 95 8, paperback, 17.99