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Deciphering Shanghai 1990-2000
by Kang Yan, translated by Robert H. Smitheram, with a preface by Wang Weigong
Shanghai, the largest international city in China, is currently experiencing vast global business interest from foreign shores, and being the fastest growing region and the centre of the Chinese economy, the workings of this fast-paced, financial epi-centre is certainly a subject of immense interest. This book deals with the development of the business world in China, focussing on changes and events in Shanghai in the decade from 1990 to 2000. Already a bestseller in its Chinese-language version, the book has now been translated into English in order to bring to the wider world an understanding of the fastest growing financial district in the world, both in terms of its investments and trade opportunities and in terms of daily life in the business community.

Deciphering Shanghai will give the reader a sense of how developments over the last decade in Shanghai could indicate the future of the entire country. Consequently, this book offers the chance to learn from an insider about the financial situation in Shanghai and China, while at the same time providing an opportunity for its readers to immerse themselves in the immensely rich and varied culture that is China today.

Kang Yan is Chief Editor of and reporter at the People’s Daily. At the paper, she has been engaged with a series of important issues regarding China’s reforms, focussing on the opening up of the country and its further modernization, particularly in eastern China.

Published by Australian-Chinese Press
Published 2003, 550 pp.
ISBN 0 646 42063 1, hardback, £25.00