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Regent Redux
A Life of the Statesman-Scholar Ichijô Kaneyoshi
by Steven D. Carter

“Carter’s life of Ichijo Kaneyoshi opens a fascinating window for exploring a feudal society at a time of great stress. . . . Regent Redux is a superb piece of scholarship and makes fascinating reading. For the person with more than a passing interest in feudal Japan, it is indispensable.”
Donald Jones in Education About Asia

“Carter’s study, beautifully presented and well researched, expands our knowledge of the complex interrelationships of court families, the imperial institution and the Ashikaga shogunate, providing valuable information on social and economic history of fifteenth-century Japan previously unavailable in English language scholarship.”
Eleanor Kerkham in The Journal of Asian Studies

“Carter has established himself as our best translator of medieval poetry and the numerous examples he provides in this book come up to his usual high standard. . . . Anyone interested in medieval Japan or the problems of biographical writing will want to read this valuable study.”
Robert Borgen in Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies

Published by Center for Japanese Studies, University of Michigan
Michigan Monographs in Japanese Studies No. 16
Published 1996, 294 pp.
ISBN 0 939512 75 0, hardback, £32.00