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The Kagerô Diary
translated, introduced & annotated by Sonja Arntzen

“Arntzen’s reclaiming of Michitsuna’s mother’s voice as a woman is an important contribution to the field and one long overdue.”
Lynne Miyake in Monumenta Nipponica

“[A] wonderful and welcome gift. . . . All that is left to us now is to order the paperback for classroom use and benefit from the chain of right decisions that have gone into this new life for an old text.”
Linda H. Chance in Journal of Japanese Studies

“This superb version of Kagero nikki sets a new standard for the translation of Heian courtly literature.”
Margaret H. Childs in The Journal of Asian Studies

This new translation of the Kagero Diary conveys the long, fluid sentences, the complex polyphony of voices, and the floating temporality of the original. It also pays careful attention to the poems of the text, rendering as much as possible their complex imagery and open-ended quality. The translation is accompanied by running notes on facing ages and an introduction that places the work within the context of contemporary discussions regarding feminist literature and the genre of autobiography and provides detailed historical information and a description of the stylistic qualities of the text.

Published by Center for Japanese Studies, University of Michigan
Michigan Monographs in Japanese Studies No. 19
Published 1997, 430 pp.
ISBN 0 939512 80 7, hardback, £38.00
ISBN 0 939512 81 5, paperback, £18.99