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Long, Long Autumn Nights
Selected Poems of Oguma Hideo, 1901-1940
translated & introduced by David G. Goodman

Winner of a 1990 Translation Award from the Translation Center at Columbia University.  Winner of a 1990 Honor Award for Design at the 41st Annual Chicago Book Clinic Book Show

“David Goodman has introduced a poet who in his combination of political engagement and literary excellence easily bears comparison to such internationally known poets as Federico de Garcia Lorca, Vladimir Mayakovsky, and Osip Mandelstam.”
Janine Beichman in The Journal of Japanese Studies  

“Oguma’s poems are like brilliant points of light in a dark valley—beautiful, intense, unwavering.”             John W. Dower, University of California-San Diego

Published by Center for Japanese Studies, University of Michigan
Michigan Monographs in Japanese Studies No. 3
Published 1989, 134 pp.
ISBN 0 939512 39 4, hardback, £12.00
ISBN 0 939512 94 7, paperback, £9.99