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Tanizaki in Western Languages
A Bibliography of Translations and Studies
by Adriana Boscaro, Ca’ Foscari University, with a list of films compiled by Maria Roberta Novielli

This bibliography of Tanizaki Jun’ichiro€’s works cites over 250 translations of his fiction and nearly 200 essays about his life and work, evidence that he is a writer of world renown who has a universal appeal that transcends time and place. His depictions of the exotic and erotic of Japan are popular with many foreigners, and he is a superb master of the art of storytelling.

The bibliography catalogs in a user-friendly way the translations of Tanizaki’s works into various European languages and the scholarly and popular writings about him. A final section provides the first comprehensive list of Tanizaki’s works that have been made into film. The films are arranged by year of release, and entries provide information including the director, screenplay writer, cinematographer, and year of release.

This volume challenges scholars to look beyond national, linguistic, or generic boundaries when thinking about the reception or study of Tanizaki’s literature. It also forces the reader to confront in concrete terms some of the questions raised by translation and adaptation studies: questions about a text’s “afterlife,” about “national” literature, about the significance of the “original” versus the later versions. The bibliography will be of great value to scholars and researchers interested in these issues, and in Tanizaki.

Published by Center for Japanese Studies, University of Michigan
Published 2000, 95 pp.
ISBN 0 939512 99 8, hardback, £17.00