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Japanese Politics
An Introduction

by Takashi Inoguchi

This is both a path-breaking study of Japanese politics and a significant contribution to the general advancement of political science. Inoguchi skillfully weaves together an analysis of contemporary Japanese politics and the history of Japanese political and economic developments. He also illuminates a wide range of current scholarly debates about Japanese politics, political economy, and political culture.
Lucian W. Pye, MIT

Using both historical and international perspectives, the author provides a stimulating analysis of modern Japan. Broad in its dimensions, challenging in many of its propositions, this work warrants careful attention from students and specialists alike.
Robert A. Scalapino, Robson Research Professor of Government Emeritus

Japanese politics in the eye of history
The historical positioning of the contemporary Japanese political system
The nature of the contemporary Japanese state
Japanís international economic responsibilities
One party dominance and political hollowing-out
Reclaiming nationalism
The contemporary Japanese political system: A comparative analysis
Revamping Japanese politics? Towards the emergence of a multi-party system
Japanís contemporary international relations: Towards the resumption of ordinary power?

Published by TransPacific Press
Publ. 2005, 235 pp.
ISBN 1 876843 21 7, hardback, £48.00
ISBN 1 876843 22 5, paperback, £24.99