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A Search for the Origins of Human Speech
Auditory and Vocal Functions of the Chimpanzee

by Shozo Kojima

An unrivalled world authority in the area, Kojima presents a detailed overview of chimpanzeesí auditory sense and vocalization in an attempt to demonstrate how much human speech has evolved. Based upon unique longitudinal studies over several decades, Kojima has collected his theories and findings into this single volume, making them available to an international audience for the first time. This groundbreaking English-language book traces the origin of human speech through the processes by which anthropoids learn hearing and expression.

1 Introduction
2 Auditory and vocal functions
3 Behavioral and acoustical procedures
4 Basic auditory functions
5 Perception of human speech sounds
6 Perception of species-specific vocal sounds
7 Auditory cognition
8 Vocal operant
9 Early vocal development
10 Vocal communication
11 Action and language - laterality of the brains
12 Conclusion

Published by Trans Pacific Press
Publ. 2003, 195 pp.
ISBN 4 87698 455 7, hardback, £40.00
ISBN 1 876843 47 0, paperback, £19.99