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The Political Ecology of the Tropical Forests in Southeast Asia
by Ken-ichi Abe, Wil de Jong & Tuck-po Ly
Following an interdisciplinary approach to debates about the future of tropical forests in Southeast Asia the authors - each experts in their field - unravel the extent to which the interests of local inhabitants, nation-states and international environmental movements are intertwined. This volume examines the highly politicised context in which local forestry problems intersect with global market forces, focusing in particular on the social and economic diversity of different tropical forests and their specific historical background, to emphasize the importance of examining local issues in their own right.

The political ecology of tropical forests in Southeast Asia by Wil de Jong, Lye Tuck-Po, Ken-ichi Abe
Forests versus agriculture by Lesley Potter
Trading in the forest by Deanna Donovan
The political ecology of forest products in Indonesia by Wil de Jong, Brian Belcher, Dede Rohadi, Rita Mustikasari, Patrice Levang
Peat swamp forest development in Indonesia and the political ecology of tropical forests in Southeast Asia by Ken-ichi Abe
De facto decentralization and community conflicts in East Kalimantan, Indonesia by Steve Rhee
One hundred years of land use changes by Masahiro Ichikawa
The ecological-economics of non-sustainable development by Herb Thompson
Discourse and Southeast Asian deforestation by Fred Gale
The problem of gaizai villages by John Knight

Published by Trans Pacific Press
Published 2003, 250 pp.
ISBN 4 87698 453 0, hardback, 40.00
ISBN 1 876843 54 3, paperback, 19.99