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Gender and Modernity
by Akio Tanabe, Yoko Hayami & Yumiko Tokita
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Drawing on a wealth of ethnographic fieldwork, this anthology examines the complexities of identity formation and self-positioning in post-colonial contexts, ranging from the impact of Christian missionaries on the women of Aboriginal Australia to the re-masculinisation of post-colonial subjects in eastern India, from the negotiation of gendered spaces in Indonesia and Thailand to the ways in which Japanese popular culture ‘plays’ with gender identities. Focusing in particular on the negotiation of gender categories, these contributions reveal that local actors are confronted with these competing values and rationalities of local traditions and global modernity.

Introduction: Gender and modernity in Asia and the Pacific by Akio Tanabe & Yumiko Tokita
Legacies of the mission by Sachiko Kubota
Becoming a ‘female citizen’ in colonial Kerala by Toshie Awaya
Power, culture and masculinity in (post-)colonial Orissa, India by Akio Tanabe
Uncovering the ‘domestic’ by Ayami Nakatani
‘Source’ and ‘home’ by Eriko Aoki
Reorganizing and traversing space by Yoko Hayami
Aesthetics of the female self by Yumiko Tokita-Tanabe
Constructing male aesthetics in rock and makeup by Takako Inoue
(De-)sexualizing gender relationships by Ichiro Numazaki
Epilogue: From modernity and beyond by Yoko Hayami

Published by Trans Pacific Press
Published 2003, 300 pp.
ISBN 4 876984 51 4, hardback, £40.00
ISBN 1 876843 60 8, paperback, £19.99