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A Social History of Science and Technology in Contemporary Japan
Volume 2, 1952-1959

edited by Shigeru Nakayama

This title is the second volume of a comprehensive, six-volume survey which documents the miraculous growth of Japanese science and technology from postwar devastation to its attaining a leading global status. The team of more than fifty Japanese experts labored for ten years in assembling the unique materials into a monumental work of careful scholarship. Volume 1 won the prestigious Mainichi Publications Award in 1995, while Volume 2 won the same award im 1997..

Introduction: Toward high economic growth
End of prohibition of research in nuclear, aviation and military technology
Establishment of R&D system of government and business
New attitude of scientists and engineers
Development of key industries and modernization of manufacturing
Science and technology and changing life styles

Published by Trans Pacific Press
Publ. 2005, 750 pp.
ISBN 1 876843 70 5, hardback, 60.00