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Class Structure in Contemporary Japan
by Kenji Hashimoto
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Hashimoto has been a solitary voice in the social stratification analysis of Japanese society for the last two decades in presenting its class structure in Marxian terms. His models and findings have recently attracted much attention with an increasing number of sociologists demonstrating increased inequality and robust class reproduction in Japan. Based on the data collected in 1995 by the Japanese Sociological Association, the book investigates four major classes - capitalist, working, new and old middle - and their characteristics and mobility patterns in terms of income, work, social network, leisure activity, gender relations and voting behaviour.

Preface to the English edition
Class studies: Self-images of modern society
When class ‘disappeared’ from Japan
Class structure in contemporary society: From Marxist to Marxian theory
Four classes, four life-worlds
Can class borders be crossed? The structure of cross-class mobility
Differentiation of the farming class in postwar Japan
Women in class structure
Closed up political space
Towards a new ‘Egalitarian Society’

Published by Trans Pacific Press
Published  2003, 254 pp.
ISBN 1 876843 65 9, hardback, £48.00
ISBN 1 876843 71 3, paperback, £19.99