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An Ecological View of History
Japanese Civilization in The World Context
by Tadao Umesao
xEcoHistory.JPG (9289 bytes)
This is the first English version of the author’s classic, published first in Japanese in 1957, with a full description of his ecological theory of civilizations of Eurasia. Dividing the Eurasian continent into three major ecological zones, Western Europe, Japan, and the region in between, he shows how the first two are basically similar and demonstrates fundamental differences between Japan and China. In 1998, when an influential monthly, Bungei Shunju, solicited the ten most impactful books in the 20th century from more than 170 intellectuals in Japan, this book won the third highest voting among the books nominated.

Preface by Harumi Befu & Josef Kreiner
Introduction to the English edition
Between East and West
Culture of the East
An ecological view of history: Japanese civilization in the world context
A new world map of civilizations – a search for a comparative theory of civilizations
Japan in ecological history
Travels in Southeast Asia: An ecological view of history, continued
The fate of the Arab people
Traces of India in Southeast Asia
The countries of the ‘Mediant’
From Thailand to Nepal: Scholarship, arts, religion
Methodological notes on comparative religion
The ocean and Japanese civilization
Comments by Yutaka Tani

Published by Trans Pacific Press
Publ. 2003, 250 pp.
ISBN 1 876843 08 X, hardback, £40.00
ISBN 1 876843 89 6, paperback, £19.99