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Globalization, Culture and
Inequality in Asia
edited by Timothy J. Scrase, Todd Holden & Scott Baum
Contemplating globalization from a sociological perspective, it is without doubt that a major site for social, political, economic and cultural change in the new millennium lies in the Asian region. The underlying theme of the book is the multi-dimensional way in which globalization - in the form of ideas, practices and technology - have introduced social inequalities in specific contexts. The book draws on studies from several countries in the region and covers such areas as gender, class, labor, media, identity, cities and urbanization.

Part I - Gender, class and labour
Producing on the margins by Timothy J Scrase
Global norms and transnational advocacy networks by Nicola Piper
Contesting the new inequalities by James Goodman
Globalisation, modernity and gender equality by Ruchira Ganguly-Scrase
Part II - Media, culture and identity
Transnational identity in the Hmong diaspora by Roberta Julian
Young people, media and identity in Indonesia by Pam Nilan
Serving national superiority by T. J. M. Holden
Media, internet communication, and the female phenomenal body by Ming-Chu Chen
Part III - Cities and urbanization
Singapore: Global city status, economic restructuring and social outcomes by Scott Baum
Rapid urbanisation and quality of life in Dhaka by Zakia Hossain
Social inequality and the urban poor by Susy Y. R. Sanie
Conclusion: Globalization, inequality and social and cultural transformation in Asia Pacific by Timothy Scrase, Todd Holden & Scott Baum

Published by Trans Pacific Press
Published 2003, 250 pp.
ISBN 1 876843 88 8, hardback, 48.00
ISBN 1 876843 94 2, paperback, 19.99