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The Ideals of the East
With Special Reference to the Art of Japan
by Kakuzo Okakura
xIdeals.tif (42434 bytes)
Written at the turn of the last century and first published in 1883, when there was a strong tendency in Japan towards equating western culture with enlightenment, the author counters with an appreciation of the Japanese sense of beauty, values and way of thinking through this history of Japanese art. His point of view remains fresh and valid today. Okakura (1862-1913) worked with Ernest F. Fenollosa to found the Tokyo Fine Art School, now known as Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. He later became Curator of the Department of Oriental Art at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Published by ICG-Muse, Inc.
Published 2000, 268 pp.
ISBN 4 925080 26 1, paperback, 10.99