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Catalogue of Arabic Manuscripts
Codices Arabici Arthur Christenseniani
by Irmeli Perho

This is the second volume cataloguing the Islamic material of the Royal Library in Copenhagen. It describes 94 manuscripts and 3 lithographed prints acquired early last century. Most items date from the 19th century, with the oldest dated to 910 ah (1504 ce). The vast majority of the texts deal with Twelver Shi’i (Imami) law and legal theory. Arabic grammars and books on rhetoric also form major subject cate-gories. Among the other items are several Sunni and Shi’i theological texts.

Published by NIAS Press, Series Catalogue of Oriental Manuscripts vol. 5.2
Published 2003, 449 pp., richly illus.
ISBN 978 87 91114 07 6, hardback, £100.00