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A Mencius Reader
For Beginning and Advanced Students of Classical Chinese
by Donald B. Wagner

This textbook is one of the few that offers material for students going beyond the beginner level, in a way such as to combine the beginner- and intermediate-level material to facilitate a speedier learning process. Most textbooks of classical Chinese use a lot of short texts but this reader offers a couple of longer texts so that beginner students can get used to one style. In his own teaching, Dr Wagner has found that this is a more effective approach.

This book contains material at 3 different levels: 1) The first chapter of Mencius, a text that all students of Classical Chinese must read, reproduced from a modern punctuated edition, with very detailed notes and glosses intended for students in their second semester of Classical Chinese. 2) The same chapter, reproduced from a Song wood-block edition, which ambitious beginners may wish to use instead of the punctuated edition. 3) Notes and glosses on the Eastern Han commentary of Zhao Qi (from the Song edition), intended for more advanced students. While philosophically interesting in its own right, this last text is especially interesting to students of Chinese historical linguistics because Dobson in his Late Han Chinese uses it as his basic text.

Published by NIAS Press
Published 2004, 160 pp., illus.
ISBN 978 87 91114 27 4, hardback, 36.00
ISBN 978 87 91114 28 1, paperback, 11.99