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Getting Published
A Companion for the Humanities and Social Sciences
by Gerald Jackson, Nordic Institute
of Asian Studies, Denmark & Marie Lenstrup, ASBS, The Netherlands
  • A hugely valuable practical guide to making it as an academic author
  • Explains how the academic publishing industry works and gives step-by-step guidance on how to produce a successful manuscript
  • The first author guide specifically for Asian studies, but of equal value to post-doctoral students in other areas studies
  • The author has many years of experience as a commissioning editor of academic books in Asian studies

The biggest hurdle for junior scholars looking to embark on an academic career is to make the transition from Ph.D. candidate to that first (ideally tenured) job. An imperative part of this process is getting published and yet - increasingly - this is becoming something harder and harder to achieve.

This book aims to guide would-be authors through some of the pitfalls and complexities of getting published. The key concerns are to increase the author’s knowledge and control over events while reducing uncertainty.

Topics include Starting out; Getting that first article published; Converting your thesis into a monograph; Finding the ‘right’ publisher; Approaching a publisher; The evaluation process; Negotiating a contract; Working towards publication; After publication; and Where do we go from here?

Published by NIAS Press, NIAS Reference Library # 2
May 2008, 160 pp.
ISBN 978 87 91114 76 2, hardback, £30.00
ISBN 978 87 91114 77 9, paperback, £12.99