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Uniquely Vietnamese
by James Edward Goodman

From the Introduction:
‘To fill a gap in the knowledge of Vietnam and its people, for the world should know more about this side of the country, and to share my fascination and enthusiasm with the general public, I decided to write a book that introduced, described, and explained what is original and indigenous to Vietnam, outside of Chinese influence, not part of Chinese tradition or indeed that of any other country. It is this little-recognised aspect of Vietnamese culture that gives the country its special identity. This theme should be obvious from the title I have given to the work: Uniquely Vietnamese. (James Edward Goodman)

The Formation of Vietnamese Culture; The Village and its Dinh; The Cult of the Deified Hero; Craft Villages; In the Beginning Rose the Dragon; Boats, Traps and Puppets on the Water; Cheo - the People’s Theatre; Monochords and Melancholy; Bibliography; Vietnamese Spellings.

Published by The Gioi Publishers
Published 2007, 279 pp., illustrated in colour
ISBN 978 90 78239 04 8, paperback, £14.99